Well, the baking weekend was a success!  I am all done!!  We even had a chance to spread the holiday cheer to some of our friends, dropping off some of our homemade gifts to people we wouldn't be able to see until after Christmas.

I got some holiday shopping done for Hubby and his gifts are wrapped and sitting under the tree.  I also wrapped up the gifts for my nieces. Unfortunately, I had some candy in there and didn't think about it.  Until we came home last night to find that Kenai had gone through the gift bags to eat the candy.  Bad dog!!  Yes it was chocolate, but it's not enough to make him super sick.  He might just get a little sick.  He acted normal this morning.  And, I think he ate some pieces still in the wrapper since there were few wrappers to be found.  I've since re-wrapped and re-stocked the gifts with their candy, but they will not be going under the tree again.  Grrrr.

As far as baking went, I pretty much made what I set out to do.  I did make a substitution, however and make Butterscotch Blondies instead of originally planned Oatmeal Scotchies.  I just really wanted to make a bar cookie.

The truffles turned out fab!  A bit softer than what I was expecting. They just didn't harden up unless chilled.  But they tasted great.  I made 3 different kinds: one with Chivas and coated with cocoa powder, one with peppermint extract and coated with crushed peppermint candy (which I bought at Target, nice because the pieces don't stick together), and one with grated orange peel and Gran Gala - an orange brandy - and coated with sugar sprinkles.  They looked really great, especially in the mini muffin liners I got (also from Target).  The recipe is super simple and for anyone that wants to tackle it, I suggest chilling the chocolate after portioning (before rolling into balls), after rolling into balls, and after coating them with desired coating.  (Also, the recipe calls for 1/2 pound of the chocolate, but I went with a volume measurement of 1 cup. Ended up with about 16-20 truffles per batch.)

We ended last night with an impromptu dinner with friends at this place called Upper Crust Bistro.  A great way to spend an evening!

Now, I'm just really tired.  Glad to have this short week and a long weekend.  Take care, ya'll!

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