For the most part, I can cross one task off the Christmas list: Christmas Cards.

There's a few stragglers I have to send, but the bulk of it is done.  While I'd love to a more personalized message, a general one to everyone is all I can muster this year.  I hope everyone understands.

This weekend, holiday baking and holiday shopping.

I still have to buy Hubby's gifts.  It's also our anniversary.  It's going to be our 7 year anniversary the day after Christmas.  The traditional gift is wool or copper. The modern gift is desk sets/pen & pencil sets. (Source: Wikipedia)  Since we don't need any of those things, I'll think of something more useful. 

We're really scaling back this year, however, with the baby on the way and all.  We're going to be shopping for my gift this weekend, a gliding rocking chair.  This is not entirely for me, it's for baby, or because of baby.  Hubby doesn't understand the utility of such a chair, but I think he will learn quickly once the baby is here.  If he surprises me with anything else, I will be surprised and grateful, but not disappointed if he doesn't.  I have, after all, bought myself some items recently - see blingy jewelry, shoes, Bliss body butter, maternity clothes (so many!).  And we need so much stuff for the baby, it's hard to think of yourself.

I am actually really excited about working on holiday stuff this weekend, though.  I have goodie bags to fill, things to buy, stuff to wrap, things to bake.  The Christmas music is getting cranked and I'm going to get busy!!


MerrieB said...

We have also scaled back Christmas because of the baby on the way. We have a lot of work to do on the house before she comes, which means $$. I'm doing baked gifts for a lot of people this year, and we aren't buying much for ourselves.

The rocking chair will be so handy! I'm lucky that my mom has a rocking recliner she's going to let us have. Plus we have a crib from my sister. That let us not have to spend so much.

Auburn Kat said...

I finished my Christmas shopping for the most part this morning. I got out the door early so I would beat the crowds and thankfully I did!

Hope your baking was successful!