Just had my 34 week appointment yesterday. Baby's doing well.  He's very active and described by the Doctor as "happy", based on his healthy heartbeat.

He's still in the breech position.  And I keep verifying this by feeling his head up high on my belly or sometimes on my right side.  Doctor said that feeling his head is fine and not going to hurt him.  He has a skull, afterall.  It's looking like he won't be flipping anytime soon. Did you know?...The process of the baby turning head down is actually a gradual process.  Doc thinks that maybe my ovarian cysts may be preventing baby from turning, or making it uncomfortable for him to turn.  It's just as likely, or he's just being stubborn - like his parents!  He is otherwise healthy and that's all I can really ask for.

The other day, we picked up some baby items from the lady that cuts Hubby's hair.  She told him that she had some clothes and a baby bathtub.  When we picked up the items, she had two diaper boxes full of clothes, a plastic bag full of socks and booties, the baby bathtub, and a bouncy seat!  It's quite the haul and I haven't had a chance to look through all the clothing items yet.  But I did take a look at the Halloween costume - our baby boy is going as a Zebra next Halloween.  I also spied a sweater and a coat, which will come in handy as this is a Winter baby and will need those things.

Didn't get a chance to go glider chair shopping over the weekend, but I did have a chance to go on my own before my exercise class recently.  It was very informative as I learned a couple things.  The furniture brand Dutailier is actually the top-of-the-line manufacturer of these types of chairs.  Yes, they can be very plush and comfortable.  They are also quite spendy.  One chair I looked at was $700, for just the chair.  This is also a chair that is usually ordered and can take about 3 months.  I don't really have that kind of time, let alone the desire to pay $1000 for a chair/ottoman combo.  I thinks we need to shop elsewhere.  I have seen this brand on Target's web site, but for a piece of furniture, we both would like to be able to do a "test sit" before buying.  Maybe this weekend, we'll have a chance to do shop for our glider.

We're getting closer and closer to the baby's arrival, and even though we've got a bunch of things lined up, I feel like we're not prepared yet!  But then again, isn't that only natural?

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