After almost 6 years of faithful service, our Series 2 Tivo died overnight recently.  It went quite peacefully.

Actually, it didn't die all the way.  The fan was still whirring, but no lights were on and no tv signal was getting through.  A call to Tivo tech support confirmed this.

We did see it coming, however.  Earlier this year, we had bought a second Tivo for the living room and sent the old one to our bedroom.  It passed in the night, when one morning I turned on the tv to watch the morning news and nothing was happening.

Luckily, it's an electronic item and replacing it is quite easy.  Because we had it for so long, we were eligible for an upgrade - a brand new Series 3 HD Tivo for $149.99.  And we get to keep the same discounted service plan.

Even though I didn't leave the house to go shopping on Black Friday, I managed to cross Hubby off my gift list.

He will be quite happy during College Football Bowl Season - he can record 4 football games at one time.

***The one thing that was most upsetting, however, is that I had the final episode of Project Runway on the Tivo and hadn't watched it yet. I have yet to know who won, though I have an idea.  And there's no upcoming episode of it...yet.  UGHHHH!  Don't tell me! I'll find it online somewhere, I'm sure....


Little Fish said...

I think you can watch PR online. I won't tell you who won ;-)

Auburn Kat said...

My goal is to have my Christmas shopping completely done by next wknd!