I don't know where I saw or heard about it, but Ann Taylor Loft is a good source for some great statement jewelry at more affordable prices.

This necklace? LOVE!

Faux Diamond Glam Necklace- $44.50

This bracelet, also LOVE!

Floral Clear Stone Cuff - $39.50

I might just have to stop by today on the way to my exercise class.  There's an Ann Taylor Loft at Kent Station, where I usually have dinner before class.  It won't take that long to pop in....

UPDATE: They didn't have these items a the location I visited.  Maybe I'll check out a different location or order online.  They're just too fabulous!

UPDATE AGAIN: So, Friends promotion has started - 30% off, Promo Code: FRIENDS.  So picked up online, though the cuff has sold out (already!) because it's so fabulous.  I also picked up this other necklace I was looking at and these earrings.  30% off, free shipping, and 5% cash back through Ebates = Score!

So, now I'm all set in the jewelry department for holiday accessorizing.  Now, onto shoes...


Auburn Kat said...

I never really buy jewlery because I always forget to wear it!

Michelle said...

I know what you mean! These would be like party or special occasion type stuff, and would look really great in my jewelry armoire. Hubby got me a diamond solitaire pendant, and I hardly wear it - am trying to make an effort to wear it more because I truly do love it.