I think we all can agree that this Holiday season is going to be even more frugal than the last. While I would love to lavish all sorts of presents on my friends and family, I just can't afford it. Not just because we have a baby on the way, though it's providing some pressure on the finances as well.

We're not little kids anymore and I think we can see what is important in life, and stuff is nice, but it's not what makes a holiday a Holiday.

Along those lines, Hubby and I are thinking more homemade gifts this year. Namely, more food.

In years past, I have put together baskets of homemade goodies for our families and friends. This year, I want to try some new things - Biscotti and Quick Breads.

I don't have any specific recipes in mind, but I don't think I'll have a problem finding any. There will be much experimentation involved, I'm sure, before I make my final decision.

So for, this Cranberry Bread by Martha Stewart looks good and festive, or even this coffee cake. And this Cranberry-Pistachio Biscotti recipe fits the bill as well (and biscotti is easy to ship). I'll have to check out my cookbooks at home as well.

Gotta get thinking about these things...the earlier the better.

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MerrieB said...

We're doing gifts for the family - with a $50 max limit on price. My DH & I are skipping big presents for each other - we'll do stockings only. All the friends are getting gift baskets with homemade items in them: fudge, bread, cookies, spice rub, etc. I'm including recipe cards I printed on my computer. But yeah, frugal Christmas for us too.