What to say? Lots going on!  When did I blog last....

- Hubby and I took the First Baby class offered at our hospital.  Lots of good information.  We toured the Birth Center which was remodeled four years ago.  It was really nice, with private "suites" and soaking jacuzzi tubs.  Also, very quiet even though 35 of the 36 rooms were occupied!  Note to self - preregister with the hospital, call the pediatrician, look into Living Wills, organize Birth Plan.

- Had dinner at Five Guys Burgers.  This place was highly recommended by a friend, and I heard that it's a pretty well known place in other parts of the country.  It was really good! Real casual, fresh ingredients, and quick, despite it being super busy.  We'll go back if we're in the area.  It's in this new complex called The Landing, which we haven't really explored much, but want to when the weather improves.

- Did the "big shop" for Thanksgiving dinner.  Hubby came with me, which was most helpful, and he didn't even bitch.  He even insisted I buy the pre-chopped onions and celery with herbs.  That will really help me save time and time spent on my feet.  I did manage to forget a couple of items, but not a big deal.  The turkey is currently thawing as we speak, and tomorrow it goes into the brine.  Going to use Alton Brown's brine recipe, with the additions of more herbs.  For those that haven't tried it, brining is the way to go.  It also can be used on other proteins - pork chops, chicken, etc.  Some dishes have been delegated. Dishes I am responsible for: Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, Green Beans.  Hubby has requested the turkey to be stuffed this year, and now that we have a large enough bird (22 lbs!), we're going to do it.  Oh, and the oven bag is also essential.

- Cranberry Bliss Bars consumed so far: 2

- I got my wedding ring re-sized. Such a pain in the butt, since the only Shane Co. location in my state is in Lynnwood, about an hour away from home.  I had to go up there anyway for it's bi-annual inspection, so I waited until now.  Pregnancy has made me swollen, and since it probably won't be gone any time soon, I got the ring sized up.  Now it fits comfortably with a little room to grow, if I swell even more, but not loose enough to fall off.  If I swell A LOT more, then I'm probably not going to get it re-sized again.  At least it's free to do it, though.  Here's hoping they don't close any more stores!  It's a tough time for jewelry stores, they are dropping like flies!

- Got the results of my glucose intolerance test and I passed.  So, no gestational diabetes for me.

- It's been two weeks since swine flu shot and I have not felt any effects from it.

- This weekend, hopefully, Hubby and I will go to the baby store and do our registry.  Gotta test drive some strollers!

- It took several attempts, but I finally installed the BlackBerry software onto my computer.  What a pain in the butt, but now it's all on there and I backed up my phone.  Still figuring out all the new-to-me features.

- Still gotta get Hubby to help me bring out the seasonal decorations from the attic.

-  Bought the Yankee Candle holiday 3-pack.  Yummy!!!  My fave is the Christmas Cookie.

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