Hubby surprised me and took me to the Sprint Store to get me my much coveted Blackberry.  I was wanting the Curve 8330 and it's on special right now for $50 after all the rebates and contract agreements.  We've been with Sprint forever and been quite happy with them, so feel no need to switch.  They also had a buy one, get one free special with this model as well, but Hubby's number wasn't eligible since he didn't have his phone long enough.  Plus, he wasn't sure if he wanted a Blackberry anyway.

Yes, we upgraded our service plan - we had to - and now have unlimited texting, web, and mobile-to-mobile calls.  We have 1500 minutes to share a month, but the only ones that count are calls made to land lines.  I don't think we'll make much of a dent in our minutes, let alone go over.  (I say that now...)  I'm really excited about the texting and web surfing.  Hubby had blocked all text messages after a prankster had texted him 100 messages in a row, but now they've been unblocked.  We also learned that unfortunately, you cannot block a certain number from calling/texting.  Oh well.

So, far I have updated the unit and downloaded some apps.  Sprint has a Navigator, so the phone works like a Garmin.  I have used that function already while driving in an unfamiliar area.  Nice!

Still need to sync the phone with my car, and then I can legally make & receive phone calls while driving.

Anyone else with a Blackberry?  Is there anything I need to know, any apps I should download? 

So much to learn...

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marisol said...


Download a Twitter app if you haven't already. I have an iPhone so i am no help.