Had the carpets cleaned on Halloween. So we spent that evening passing out candy, moving our one fan from room to room, and testing the dampness of the carpet with our bare feet.

We went with Stanley Steemer to clean our carpets this time, and they did a fabulous job. The carpet isn't completely stain-free or back to looking brand new (we had waited way too long to steam-clean the carpets), but it looks way better. And it's good to know that the carpet is now sanitary and ready for a crawling baby. I think Hubby is keen on getting the carpets cleaned every 6 months.

While waiting for the carpets to dry on Sunday, I took advantage of the extra hour (thanks Daylight Savings!) and motivated Hubby to help me clear out the garage. We also had cooperative weather - a dry and sunny day. We took things to Goodwill, made a "take to dump" pile, put a couple of things out on the curb (which were taken immediately, much to Hubby's surprise), and generally put stuff away. I'm determined to get my parking spot in the garage back!

Now the carpets are completely dry and we can start moving things back in place. There wasn't a whole lot of moved furniture, mostly dining room chairs and objects. The cleaners put blocks under the couches and tables, and especially large items were not moved at all.

Hubby was pretty anxious to get our Ikea purchases put together, but he waited patiently until yesterday to bring the boxes into the house. We may get to putting them together tonight. I'm pretty excited about the bookshelf. We already put together the CD and DVD storage boxes. If the look good in the shelves, we'll get some more.

Little by little, things are getting done! Very exciting times.

Next up...waiting for the crib to arrive. Another thing to put together!

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