An update to my post about the crib - The crib arrived at our doorstep last week. Hubby and I put it together and it was surprisingly easy, probably because it was the two of us. Still no mattress or bedding, so it looks a tad 'naked' but still neato nonetheless.

The changing table is also put together, and while the wood is not exactly matching with the crib, it still looks good. Also, I bought a wipe warmer - seen as a unnecessary luxury by some, and a must have by others - it was only $18, so an affordable luxury in my eyes.  Hubby also put together the bookshelf unit, though it's for the office and not the baby's room.

Today, I take my glucose tolerance test today.  For those that don't know, it's a test for gestational diabetes.  I have to drink this stuff called Glucola, which is described as a sweet, syrupy, flat fruity pop.  I'm not big on having to ingest things for test (the horrors of my MRI still haunt me), but I heard that this stuff is not too bad in comparison to MRI contrast fluid.  It comes in different flavors, and I think mine is cherry solely based on it being a red color.  I'll be doing the "one-hour" test, where they draw my blood one hour after I finish the drink.  If levels are abnormal, I will have to do a "three-hour" version, where they draw blood every hour for three hours.  Needless to say, I'm hoping for normal results. I wonder if they will take Halloween into consideration.

Also today, in addition to the glucose test and doctor's appointment, I get an ultrasound!  It's of my ovaries, but since they're in the neighborhood, they will probably snap a pic of the baby, too.  At this point, my ovaries have not grown in size or changed.  So, hoping the good news will continue.

I still have not received my H1N1/Swine Flu vaccination.  It's really hard to come by, even though I'm in a high-risk group.  It's really frightening considering what this flu does to pregnant women and/or their unborn children.  I am fortunate that I don't work in a profession where I have contact with the public.  I'm being as sanitary as I can and have hand sanitizer in my purse and on my desk at work.  Hopefully my Doctor's office will have it today, or else I'll continue to wait.  In my county, the vaccine is being distributed to some pharmacies, but there's a limited amount and supplies dwindle quickly.  There's only so far that I will drive to get it.  Still debating on whether missing work to locate the vaccine is worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions of Me regarding the baby (some of it may be TMI - you've been warned):

What are you planning to do for child care?
Ah yes, this is the most difficult decisions for parents.  The plan right now is three-fold.  I am going to be working from home one day a week, probably Mondays.  Two days a week, I will bring the baby with me to work.  My office is quite small and private which allows this.  The other two work days, my parents (moreso, Mom) will watch the baby.  I say this is the plan for now, because I foresee having to re-think the bringing the baby to work part, especially once the baby is more mobile and active.  OR, it turns out Mom & Dad can't handle having the baby for those long hours.  Mom's not as strong as she used to be.  In this case, we will consider part-time day care or nanny supervision.  I plan to continue working.

Cloth or Disposable?
As for diapers, we're going to do the environmentally-insensitive method of disposable diapers.  Yes, cloth has come a long way in simplifying diapering, but it still does not fit into our lives.  As a recent new mom noted to me, cloth diapers aren't as environmentally-friendly as one would think - a lot of resources go into the production of the diaper itself, the constant washing of the diapers, and if you use a diaper service, you're contributing to air pollution (made by delivery truck).  This new mom decided on cloth diapers, saying that when it comes down to it, it's personal preference.

Bottle or Breastfeeding?
I'm going to give a go at breastfeeding.  I think it's amazing what our bodies were made to do!  There are a lot of resources out there, including lactation consultants at the birthing center and support groups.  My Mom didn't go this route because she had problems when she had my brother.  In her time, it seemed they didn't have as good advice as they do now.  The problems she had then can be addressed now because we just know more.  I also think that breastfeeding is something that is culturally more accepted.  Because I will be working, I'll also be "pumping" which is using the breastpump (duh).  I'm hoping that there won't be any "nipple confusion", where the baby has a hard time adapting to bottles, pacifiers, and the real thing.  I just won't know until it happens.

Are you going to circumcise?
Since we found out that we're having a boy, one of the first things we got from the Doctor was a pamphlet about circumcision.  It was one of those things in the backs of our minds, but we actually had to address it.  It's a deeply personal decision, since the medical community isn't much help.  There isn't much in the medical literature to guide a decision, since the differences between circumcised and non are quite slim when it comes to risks for UTI's, STD's, and the like.  We're not all that religious, so religion won't guide our decision.  After speaking with a nurse about it, she explained that a lot of families will defer to the father - If the father is circumcised, then the son will also be, and vice versa.  And like many males in the US, Hubby is circumcised and so our son will be as well.

I (and all other families who choose circumcision) was labeled as "crazy" by another pregnant mom in my exercise class, but she was quickly labeled as crazy herself by the other preggy women in the class, since her reasoning was a little, um, out there.  She and her husband are leaving the decision to their son to make on his own.  Her husband is circumcised and resents it and wishes he wasn't.  This was the first time we had even heard such reasoning. She went on to explain that being circumcised takes away some sensitivity for the male, which can result in sexual un-satisfaction.  To which one preggy lady answered, circumcised guys aren't sensitive enough already?  I ran this by Hubby and he's never run across a guy that wished he wasn't circumcised or was angry about it.  I'm sure they're out there, but it's a risk that we're willing to take.  (She also mentioned that guys were trying to re-stretch a new foreskin, which we all found preposterous. But then again, I'm sure there's guys out there willing to do this, like women who are reconstructing their hymens.)  So, another personal decision where there is no right or wrong, but PLENTY of controversy.  I know I'm opening myself up to comment from both sides, but let me say this, we've done our research and made our educated decision.  I'm sharing for the benefit of my readers.  There are opposing viewpoints and you can find more information on this easily by doing an internet search.

On a side note about circumcision, many insurance companies will not cover it and if you're on government assistance for health care, it will probably not be covered.  Circumcision rates are falling in the US where they were once the highest, but I think it's more due to a more diverse population and an increasing population not covered by insurance, and not merely just parents saying "no".

Ok...enough about that...moving on...

Have you picked a name?
No, we haven't.  We've thought about it a little, but not seriously.  This is also a tough decision.  It's going to be with the child for the rest of his life and can affect him profoundly.  We're aiming for a name that won't get the kid beat up, isn't hard to pronounce, and isn't super-common or super-unique.

Those are the more common questions, we've been asked.  If you have some of your own, please leave a comment.  I may answer it later.

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