I am a huge fan of Papaya Arts.  I blogged about them way back, after discovering their great art cards at a small spa I visited in Albuquerque.  I had even checked out their website shortly thereafter and ordered an art print (Rare Bird).

Recently, I received a catalogue that includes a lot of great new items.  I want everything!

But what really caught my eye is a new item - their necklaces.  They come in 6 different designs and they are all fabulous and right up my alley.

My favorite is the Bird & Bloom (shown here).

And the Bouquet necklace is my second favorite.

I first learned about this company because of their great stationery, and they still have lots of it.  So if you like mixed-media and colorful, cute things, I highly suggest you check them out.

P.S. Their tote bags also look fabulous.  More sturdy than those regular shopping bags, these would be awesome for traveling or to brighten a daily commute.

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