My Mom & Dad want to give us a crib for the baby. Initially, this put a little dread in me, because this was something that we wanted to buy on our own. I wanted a specific crib since I had done a bunch of research and this one was one of the better ones, considering a budget. This crib is a Consumer Reports Best Buy, has a lot of positive reviews, and is found to be safe for baby. It is also nice to look at. And today's cribs are convertibles, meaning that they can be turned into a toddler bed, day bed, and with the help of a conversion kit, a full-size bed.

After explaining my reasoning, Mom agreed to get us the crib we wanted. It also doesn't hurt that it's on sale with free shipping at Target.

DaVinci Emily Crib

It's one less big ticket thing we have to worry about. I can't wait to get it and put it together, with Hubby's help, of course.

Starting to think about the baby registry and it's a bit overwhelming. We have almost nothing. Any practiced parents out there that could give some advice on what's needed?

I'm still a little confused on the whole car seat & stroller thing. I mean, they have these "travel systems" where you have a carrier that works in the stroller and fits in a base that you have in your car. But, once the baby outgrows the carrier, must one have to buy another stroller and another car seat? Mind you, I've done a little research, but haven't really looked in stores or talked to anyone. Just throwing it out there if any of you know.

UPDATE: The crib arrived at our doorstep last week. Hubby and I put it together and it was surprisingly easy, probably because it was the two of us. Still no mattress or bedding, so it looks a tad 'naked' but still neato nonetheless. The changing table is also put together, and while the wood is not exactly matching with the crib, it still looks good. Also, I bought a wipe warmer - seen as a unnecessary luxury by some, and a must have by others - it was only $18, so an affordable luxury in my eyes.


Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

That crib is cute! I wish I had advice for you, but I do not! :( I'm so excited for you though! :):)

Jenny said...

I agree--the crib is really cute. Yet sylish.

I can hook you up with Lindsay if you want some advice on baby stuff. I really liked her 'BOB' stroller this summer. She was using it with a 2-year-old (still was plenty big), and I know that it had an adapter thingy to hold the carseat/carrier when the baby was tiny. The big wheels really helped with negotiating curbs and gravel, and I didn't think it was any more obnoxious inside of stores than any other stroller I've been around. It folds up quickly, and although a bit cumbersome, wasn't that bad to tote up and down stairs or on and off the bus (she was able to take care of it and Becca at the same time...not sure if I'd be able to do both, though).

Jenny Georgio-who said...

Congrats! I just found out I'm having a little girl! So very exciting!

My parents bought me the entire nursery (crib, change table, dresser, night stand, rocking chair etc) and I also purchased from the Da Vinci collection but I opted for the Jayden set.

I had asked on my twitter and facebook advice on registry from experienced parents and this is the feedback I got:

1. Wipe/Bottle warmers are useless. if you start the baby on warm wipes and warm bottles they'll always expect it and scream bloody murder when you use a cold one...like when you are out at the mall and baby needs a change!

2. Bibs and recieving blankets are HUGE! You need a boat load of them.

3. Lots of onesies. Your kid will go thru a few a day.

4. Toys, you'll need them a lot sooner than you think you will.

5. Baby Bjorns are very uncomfortable and a sling is more comfortable for both you and the baby!

When are you due!? Have you done all the painting yet? I haven't put the room together yet because we need to paint the room first.