Ooof! I'm back from a short vacation. Hubs and I visited his sister who now lives in Reno, Nevada. I had never been there, and for Hubby, it's been about 30 years.

We all had a wonderful time and it was great to catch up. We're both pretty tired and have been trying to just relax today.

Our flight was on Horizon Air, which is part of Alaska Airlines. The planes are smaller and travel shorter distances. The plane we were on was a prop plane with the tiniest seats and the smallest bathroom in the world. I had to take Hubby's word for it, since I didn't bother with it. The flight was a little under two hours. I think anything longer would have been really upsetting considering the lack of space.

On the flight down, we were seated separately (tickets were booked separately due to travel plan change on the part of Hubby). But his seatmate gladly gave up his seat and traded with me. He was a big guy like Hubby, and was probably willing to take a chance to sit with someone smaller. I didn't blame him one bit. The plane was completely full! On the way back, we got our seats together and the plane was not as full. The takeoff was a bit rough though - it was really windy - and I swear that we dropped a good 10 feet in the air. Such a roller coaster! It only happened once and the ride was uneventful the rest of the way.

We didn't have much for expectations for Reno. I knew that compared to say, Vegas, it's not even close. It's a pretty small town and it's been hit quite hard by the down economy. It's an interesting geography, though that provides some interesting scenery. The town is surrounded by hills, and in the distance you can see mountains. The elevation is pretty high, about 4400 feet above sea level and is one of the driest places in the country (though it did rain pretty much ALL DAY on Tuesday).

Some highlights of the trip:
- Drove up to Tahoe (south end). I forgot my camera in our haste, and I do regret it. It's really beautiful up there with the lake, green trees, and rock formations.

- Visited Virginia City, a mining town turned tourist trap. It was really interesting and historic! There was a place selling those mini-donuts. They were delish! Also toured the museum and played at the shooting gallery.

- Watched the Seahawks win at a sports bar in a casino. This was also where my brother-in-law won a touchdown dance contest with his rendition of "the worm". He won a Kegerator full of beer to drink during Monday Night Football - did not get to keep the Kegerator. (For those that don't know, a Kegerator is a small refrigerator for keg and includes a tap to pour the beer.) I was not able to partake in the drinking of the free beer, not that I'm a big fan of it anyway.

- I resisted going to Sonic Drive-In. Now that we have one that's in the vicinity of where I live, it's not a big deal.

- Did some shopping at a fairly new outlet mall in nearby city Sparks, called Legends Mall. If I wasn't pregnant, I could have done a lot more damage. Also at the mall, the "World's Largest All Sport Store" Scheels. It is indeed a very large store.

- Won some prizes at Circus Circus. Or, Hubby won me some prizes. I swooned.

Now that I'm back, I'm hopin to get to blogging on a more regular basis. And hopefully not blog (too much) about pregnancy/baby stuff. I could probably start a separate blog, but thinking about it, it would take too much time to manage. It's hard enough to do this one!

Well, I'm still needing to unpack. Joy!


Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

We have a Scheels here and yes, it is very large! :)
I have family in Carson City which I believe is near Reno (I may be wrong) isn't it beautiful there?!

Little Fish said...

So glad you had a much deserved mini-vacay!

Grace Matthews said...

I hate those little crop duster planes...you feel everything. I'm surprised it didn't make you feel sick to your tummy. Oh and Sonic...mmm...love it. Glad you are back safe and sound, relaxing.

Michelle said...

Yes, Carson City is near Reno. We drove through it on the way to Tahoe. Lots of neat buildings, since it's the capital of the state.

One thing I forgot to mention about the plane ride. Horizon Air offers free beer and wine, which was of no use to me being preggers and everything. But it's like they want to make you more comfy in your tiny seat.