Over the weekend, Hubby and I were quite busy. Friday, we went to Costco where we bought Halloween candy and another book in the Twilight series (I was looking for New Moon, but they didn't have it in paperback. Alas, I bought Eclipse instead.) Then we went to Thai food at one of our neighborhood joints, Benjarong.

Saturday, we went to the UW Husky vs. Oregon Ducks game. We lost, as was expected. But we learned what happens when someone (such as a Hubby) forgets to bring the tickets. You go to Ticket Assistance window and they'll give you temporary tickets provided you have proper identification (and Season Tickets, probably would not work for a single game ticket). At least we didn't get rained on and got to visit with some friends.

On Sunday, I was determined to get Hubby to help me hang up the last of our prints that we got framed. There was no Seahawks game, so he was willing to help me out. We hung up two prints in the baby's room, of whales and dolphins. They look so good! We also hung up some of my organizational stuff in the office. The office is getting tidier and tidier, leaving one of the walls quite bare looking. And it gave Hubby and idea.

He always like the Expedit bookcase from Ikea, though he doesn't really care for Ikea furniture in general. He thought it would look great to fill up the empty wall, and work to store our CD's and DVD's that we currently have in boxes and an old Ikea Robin CD rack that he hates (and is admittedly falling apart). Since we didn't have much going on that day, we decided to go get it.

We got it on Black-brown, which looks really black in this photo but up close, you can see the grain really well. We also got some of the Kassett boxes to go in the cubbies to hold the CD's and DVD's, because honestly, we don't really need to see them. If they work out, we'll get more!

We also had lunch - the Swedish Meatballs that they're famous for. And picked up a Leksvik chest that I had been eying for the baby's room. It has a piece that you can add on to make it a changing table. Genius!

I like the cubbies on top, where I can put books or stuffed animals or whatever.

Since it's Ikea, none of these things are actually put together. And we decided we are going to get the carpets cleaned before we assemble. The carpets are in need of a good shampooing, and it will be easier with fewer pieces of furniture in the rooms. I have it scheduled for this Saturday and am very much looking forward to clean carpets.

I know that I promised pics, but none of the rooms are ready for their debut. They will come, but you're just going to have to wait! :)


Auburn Kat said...

There is a shelf I'm going to buy from Ikea that I love!! Now I just need to decide if I go to the store in Canada which is just an hour away and deal with customs or do I go to Pittsburg (the closest US store) or do I buy it online. Decisions, decisions!

Little Fish said...

I have the Expedit too! Mine is black and I also got the 6x6. I use it in my studio as a divider between the bed area and living area.

Grace Matthews said...

I like the shelves, can't wait to see the rooms done.

Michelle said...

That's a tough one, Kat. We're pretty lucky to live so close to an Ikea. But before then, I think the closest one was also across the border in Vancouver, BC, Canada. While I like visiting the store, if there's one thing you want, I'd order it online.