Some time last year, the garbage service in our area changed. This allowed us to recycle some of our food scraps in our yard waste - the veggies, grains, pizza boxes, anything non-meat or animal-based.

Recently, the recycled food list has expanded to include all food items. Squee! Our garbage can is already half-full, and this will reduce it even more.

This does, however, create a stinkier situation in the kitchen.

To save trips to go outside to the yard waste container, I bought a red Simplehuman garbage can for the food scraps. It was a pretty messy solution, but washing the removable can insert in the dishwasher seemed to be enough. But add ALL food in the mix? I needed something else.

And as I was perusing my local drugstore, I came upon BioBags.

Just looking at them, they look like any other bag with one big exception - they're entirely compostable, because they're made from corn! It's so nice to be able to take out a bag of food scrap and just throw it in the yard waste container.

They also serve double duty as food storage since they "breathe". Interesting!

One thing I've learned, and that they mention on the web site, is that since the bags "breathe" it does allow some moisture to get out. And moisture will cause the bags to decompose, as they're designed to do. But the bin is so small, that I haven't had any issue with bag breakage. Only just noticed some moisture in the can liner that can be aired out pretty easily.

More about the bags: They come in other sizes as well and for different purposes and they're made in the USA!

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