My simple cell phone is on the fritz. It works fine, except for the speakerphone part. This is a problem since we have a No Cell Phones While Driving Law in Washington State. Basically, I cannot drive with the phone up to my ear, but using the speakerphone is OK. Luckily, my car has Bluetooth. But my current phone is not compatible.

Mind you, my phone is 3 years old and a really basic Sanyo flip phone. I like it because it's red and it works. But I knew it would be needed to be replaced soon. Hubby's on board with this, but I really want to upgrade our plan with all the data stuff - texting, internet, etc. We're with Sprint and we're really happy with them. They have a Everything Data plan that I would really love to have. Right now we have a pretty basic phone package that doesn't include text messaging. I'm thinking that with the baby on the way, I'll be on the phone a whole lot more.

Gotta come up with these good arguments for when the time comes. Because I really am interested in the Blackberry Curve. And it comes in Red!! Love! Since it comes with a pretty good camera (for being a phone), I won't need to buy the small digital camera that I've always wanted. (I love my Canon, but it's huge!)

Next techy want is an all-in-one printer. We have a huge desk in the office and it's all covered up with the computer, monitor, printer, scanner, and fax machine. I would love to consolidate and free up some of the space and clutter. And these days, they're cheaper and wireless, even! I like this Canon model, and it's on my wish list. I remember when they first came out, they weren't that great. But it seems that they've improved greatly over the years.

I think the new netbooks are fantastic. What a great idea! I have a laptop that I'm using from work, but it's not the wonderful thing that I thought it would be. Granted, it's a pretty old Sony Vaio. But I took it on a business trip and the thing was super heavy thanks to its large screen. At home, I avoid using it since my desktop is so much better. But the whole netbook concept is great because of it's better portability. I could totally see myself carrying it around and using in on my train rides to/from work. *Sigh* It's a total splurge. I really don't need it, especially if I got a Blackberry. But that won't prevent me from wanting.


wyn said...

It's okay to want and dream :)
I like the feel of the Blackberry Curve although I went with the iPhone in the end. I think it's the data plans that you get with smartphones that change your life just a little bit (or a lot).

Am currently wrestling with the Brother 9840cdw which I see can be got for a really great price in the U.S. All-in-ones are the way to go. Although it's the documentation of Brother that is lacking for a particular (scanning) function I am trying to figure out, I go with them any time because they are good at all-in-ones.

marisol said...

I recommend the iphone... hee hee

Auburn Kat said...

I had a Blackberry Curve for one and a half years and loved it. I recently just switched to the iphone and love it even more. I definitely recommend both of them...the camera on the Curve is better than the iphone though. The iphone doesn't have a flash which I miss from the Curve.

Michelle said...

Ha! Would love an iPhone as it seems right up my alley. However, we really don't want to switch cell phone companies. We've been really happy with Sprint and have been with them for a really long time. Perhaps the iPhone will be available with more carriers in the future...I'd look into it then.

Michelle said...

I put the bug in hubby's head about the BB and he's warming up to the idea. Hopefully soon it will be mine!

emigre said...

Sprint has a HTC Hero phone that looks really cool, and no other carrier has it either.