Why does Philosophy keep introducing cute new products? I'm pretty good at resisting, but Pink Frosted Layer Cake shower gel is quite tempting.

Philosophy's The Bake Shop via Sephora.

Ooooh...and they now have a makeup remover! Just Release Me.

Though, I haven't used a separate remover in a while, this sounds nice with all these calming ingredients.

And it's about freaking time! They have a pump dispenser specially made for their bottles - different sizes available. I could use one of these for my Purity cleanser by the sink. I've been using the one that comes with the huge 40 oz bottle, cut to fit. It doesn't fit the opening, but I've been using rubber bands to keep it snug. The proper size would be a more elegant solution.


Little Fish said...

Oh you deserve it. After all you are pampering for two now ;-)

marisol said...

Have you ever purchased Philosophy on QVC? I find that sometimes they have better deals than Sephora.