Aren't you guys so sick of me talking about my pregnancy? LOL. I cannot help myself, as I'm feeling the lil boy wiggle around inside me, I can't help not thinking about it.

As previously mentioned, my facial skin has changed for the drier. It seems to be more combination skin right now, as it's still a little oily but really dry on my cheeks. So dry that my skin is downright flaky. I've tried my usual scrub but it's not working quite like my old toner did. But cannot use my old toner because it contains salycylic acid.

But then I remembered a product from my teen years - Clinique Clarifying Lotion. It's not a lotion per se, but an exfoliation toner. Many know it as Step 2 of their famous 3-Step regimen. It's designed to remove dead skin cells (ewww), but doesn't contain any of the banned ingredients. Hooray! I was at Nordy's last night and picked up a bottle (#2 formula). After only two applications (last night and this morning), I can already see a difference. I think it also makes the moisturizer absorb into the skin much easier.

I was also at Nordy's for another reason, pregnancy-related. Some of you know, some of you may not, but when you become pregnant, one of the many changes in your body occurs to your breasts. It starts right away, too. One of the common early pregnancy symptoms is sore breasts. Some women experience this during their monthly cycle, but when you become pregnant the soreness doesn't go away as quickly. This soreness is basically your breasts getting ready to produce milk. Soreness then leads to growth. So much so that when the soreness went away, I was left with soreness of a different kind - from my too-small bra. It was leaving marks on my girls and made them so unhappy. Depending on the brand, I have gone up a cup to two cup sizes. And right now, I'm at 21 weeks.

I was holding off on bra shopping until I really needed it, but it was apparent recently that it was time. I picked up a couple of bras and now the girls are much happier. Even though shopping for bras at Nordstrom can cost more than other places, I feel the service and attention make up for it. I tried on so many different ones and those ladies really know their stuff. I'm just hoping that they don't grow much more until I need to buy nursing bras (yippee).

Speaking of other places, I recently received a Victoria's Secret catalog in the mail and they now have the Body by Victoria bra in polka dots! Too cute! Too bad they don't fit right now...but perhaps later.


MerrieB said...

I bought bra extenders from JCP to hopefully put off buying bras for a while. I did buy 2 sports bras (on clearance) which I read were good for when "the girls" are sore.

I'm only 2 months pregnant but I already need some jeans. My favorite pairs almost don't fit, and actually are kind of uncomfortable. Guess I'll have to start looking at maternity jeans.

Michelle said...

I thought about the extenders as well, but my band size did not change only the cup size. Bummer for me.

As for pants, I'm able to wear my fat pants but had to replace the jeans immediately. I got some from Motherhood Maternity and the Gap that I'm happy with - the ones with the stretchy band are good for early pregnancy. I have some full-panel pants but not really needing them right now...yet.

MerrieB said...

I'm so glad the jeans issue isn't just me! I have some work knit/elastic waist pants that will work for a while I think. But jeans I wear nearly every day!

It's not really that I gained weight (only 3 pounds from normal), but everything is shifting around a little.