During our wedding trip to Vegas, we bought ourselves a wedding present. A set of four Wyland prints - the Underwater Color Fine Art Suite 2000. Wyland is an artist that is famous for his paintings of underwater sea life, but these watercolors are a departure from his usual work. I immediately fell in love with them, especially the sea turtles. It was a limited edition and we got to pick the number, and got 1226/2000. December 26 being our wedding anniversary.

That was back in 2002.

We've had the prints in the original packaging ever since, in a box, sitting underneath our bed. With all the new painting a redecorating, we decided it was time to get these framed. We had put it off for so long and didn't have much reason to wait longer. We knew it would be an expense, but at least we only have to do it once.

And with this Labor Day weekend, there sure are a lot of sales going on! We decided to go to Aaron Brothers since they did quality work and we had a coupon for 25% off custom framing. The lady there helped us tremendously to pick out matting and getting our order together. Since these prints are something of value, we went with museum quality glass and preservation to prevent fading and damage. This pretty much increased the expense of the whole thing, but it will be worth it. She had said that Aaron Brothers had changed their pricing structure to a package pricing, so if we were to get these framed 6 months ago, it would have cost even more. So, it didn't hurt to wait this long to do the framing.

It's going to take a couple of weeks to finish and we're already really excited to see how they turn out. It was pretty exciting to see the prints again after all these years as well. We hadn't opened the box since we received them, I forgot what they even looked like. I had to look them up to refresh my memory!

We haven't decided exactly which print is going where, but we have decided to go with an Aquatic theme in the baby room. It will go nicely with the greens we have painted in the room. Two of the prints will go in there, one in the office, and one in the living room. We are getting another Wyland mini-print framed as well (a gift with purchase lithograph), and we really don't know where it's going. But we'll figure it out.

Another piece of our decorating puzzle is moving into place. In other decorating news, I have purchased the new hamper I've been wanting. It looks great in my hallway, kinda like a piece of furniture.

I know I promised pics, but right now is not a good time. Things are still not in order. Next weekend, we are planning to complete the rest of the painting - living room, dining room, and kitchen. So the project for this week is to prep those rooms for the painting. Oh joy! When things are closer to completion, I'll show you all. Maybe I'll even record a video with my Flip Mino!

Funny how you start on a project and you discover that you need more. As mentioned before, we're going to need to replace the wood molding in our house due to overzealous painting by us and the previous owners.

Other things I'm on the lookout for:
A small clock for the bathroom - something gold tone or maybe even a cream.
Art for the bedroom - something to go over our bed and something for an empty spot on the wall. Going with an Asian theme here to go with our Japanese print and Asian-inspired furniture.
Bath mats for the Master Bath - the current ones are a mismatched set, but for the time being they serve a purpose. No hurry on this one.
Drawer dividers for my jewelry armoire.

Oh, did I mention that Hubby bought me a new jewelry armoire? I'm so stoked about this. I had a fabric covered bulletin board holding my jewelry. It worked great, but apparently he hated how it looked. So we went to Pier 1 Imports and bought this beautiful piece of furniture to hold my jewelry. I love it!

Here's a pic of it, I'm afraid there's no link because it's been discontinued. We found it in the clearance section. The top flips up and has a mirror on it, revealing a space to hold rings on one side and other pieces on the other. The doors open to reveal velvet lined drawers of different sizes. The doors themselves have hooks to hold necklaces. Going through my jewelry has led me to edit my pieces. I think my nieces will be lucky recipients of some of my unworn items.

Actually, now that I look at it, this list is pretty short. But then again, we have a whole other list in the Baby category. Joy again!

Hope everyone has a lovely Labor Day! I think we're just going to stay in and try not to spend anything. Our project for today is to straighten up the office. It's been the dumping ground during our first round of painting, so it's in quite a disarray.

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That jewelery cabinet is gorgeous!