As Fall is officially here, it should be time to pull out my Autumn decor.

Should be...

It's in our above garage storage and with so many other things needing our attention, we may not get to this anytime soon.

Last year, I bought an Autumn wreath from the old Linens N Things. It worked for a little bit, but it had these fake berries that kept falling off and getting everywhere. Hubby was not too pleased.

I think I may just buy another one as I love the look. This one is from Pier 1 Imports, a place that may tempt me in buying these leaf platters which I so do not need but love anyway.

On that home decor note - Hubs and I picked up our framed Wyland prints and they look awesome! Hopefully, we hang them up tonight. Things are coming together nicely. The whole painting thing has led us to declutter and get rid of things that are unnecessary. We still have a little bit to go, but a lot of the useless crap is gone. We even took down some [ugly & broken] vertical blinds from the kitchen. Turns out we didn't really need them. This will help us later when we have to babyproof the house.

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MerrieB said...

We decided we have to put in the wood flooring before the baby comes. (We've been putting it off for a year and a half already.) Plus cleaning up the room that will be the nursery. So we've got lots of purging of stuff to do at our house too. I totally feel ya. But we both agree we have too much stuff as it is. Some we're selling, some donating, some throwing away. But I'm glad we have 7 months to finish all this!