Anyone have any good and simple zucchini recipes?

Tis the season of zucchini! I haven't been growing it but my mom and a neighbor are. And we have been recipients of some zucchini already. Chances are good I'll be getting more as well.

I'd rather not turn on the oven either, or else this gratin would be right up my alley or even this zucchini flatbread. And I don't want to deep fry either.

So far I just stir-fried some zucchini slices with olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic and topped with shredded parmesan. Tonight, I'm going to try these turkey zucchini burgers.

What do you do with your abundance of this summer staple?


MerrieB said...

Check out Pioneer Woman Cooks. She's got a couple up - one for zucchini cakes and another pasta recipe that I think look good and really want to try.

I dice it and mix it in with my spaghetti sauce - added veggies and it freezes well.

Jenny Georgio-who said...

What something really simple, easy, and mouth watering?

Cut each zucchini into 4 long slices, brush olive oil on the zucchini, sprinkle paramsaen cheese on them. Bake in over @ 350 for about 15 minutes.

Simple, delicious, and pretty damn healthy as long as you SPRINKLE and not SMOTHER in cheese!

Michelle said...

Good ideas! I do like me some cheese, though...

Little Fish said...

I love roasting zucchini, but obviously that requires turning on the oven.

Here are some great idea:


wyn said...

One of my favourite recipe-less ways to treat zucchinis is to slice them into matchsticks along with making carrot matchsticks then sauteed them with olive oil, salt, pepper, and toasted sliced almonds!