Thanks for all your well wishes. They are much appreciated. The pregnancy was tough for a little bit there, but definitely memorable. I suppose there's so much more to come, but so far the highlights...

I don't have weird cravings, but certainly specific ones. For example, when I was feeling nauseous, I knew I had to eat anyway. They say that having an empty stomach will make it worse, go figure. At these times I was craving cheeseburgers from McDonald's (and I'm not really a McD's fan) and beef soft tacos from Taco Time. They had to be from Taco Time, no where else. I could eat soft tacos 3 days in a row. And Jamba Juice pretty much saved me. I had their smoothies for breakfast practically every day for a month. It was something that stayed down, tasted good, and had nutritional value. Add in some protein, and it actually kept me full for 3 hours.

But that's all over with and I'm pretty much returned to my normal eating routine, with a few exceptions. I can't stomach the idea of eating anything creamy or a meal of entirely fried foods, like fish & chips. It just doesn't sound good to me right now.

Zantac helped me a lot. It's an acid-reducer. Costco's Kirkland Signature brand makes their own version of it at a fraction of the cost, so that's even better. All other things for nausea did not help me and I tried a lot - acupressure wrist bands, Emetrol, Half a Unisom, Vitamin B-6, Preggie Pop Drops, sour candy, ginger ale, ginger anything, Sprite, saltine crackers. I got really tired of Sprite and saltine crackers.

I can't eat at much at one time as I used to. And I get hungry a lot quicker than before. Making a baby uses up a lot of energy. And I was really exhausted for a while there. But things are better and I've got my energy back for the most part.

I'm not a big drinker so giving up alcohol is not a huge deal. And I've discovered that there are a lot of non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated options out there. In a restaurant, there's a lot of choices as well. As I've shared before, I discovered Izze sodas and found them to be a great choice.

Coffee is something that I would like to drink, but I'm refraining from my usual. My Doc says 2 8-oz caffeinated servings per day is acceptible. But if I can give it up, I think it would be better for the baby. So, I've quit coffee. But not completely, I'm with Decaf now and found that I really wasn't all that addicted to caffeine. I didn't get the headaches or any of that stuff. I am, however, a little more groggy in the morning. My favorite coffee drink right now is a decaf iced vanilla latte. Not sure why I like the iced so much, but I think it has something to do with the weather. At least the lattes have a bunch of milk in it, which is a good source of calcium.


Little Fish said...

Congratulations! I'm glad you're feeling well now.

Yvett said...

I'm glad you're over the nausea now. That's always tough. I read somewhere that specific cravings like burgers, tacos, chicken (and other things with meat) are because your body needs so much more iron when making a baby. People who never eat steak might crave one.
Get as much rest as you can, Michelle. Are you going to find out the sex?
How exciting! ! ! ! ! !

Michelle said...

Yvett - yes, we want to find out what the baby is. I'm a planner...I just gotta know!

marisol said...

Do you have a preference as to the gender of the baby? I know that you want a healthy & happy baby but if you could chose, what would you pick?

Michelle said...

We truly have no preference. With our last pregnancy, we were hoping for a boy since there were none in the family as of yet. But, when you suffer a miscarriage, it humbles you and I'll be happy with a boy or a girl.