Have you seen?

Dooney has a tartan plain collection in what looks really close to black watch plaid.

I love!

Sorry no pic, but here's a link to Dooney & Bourke.


wyn said...

O my! I'm so in love with black watch plaid!! Where do you get Dooney & Bourke?

Michelle said...

I knew that you'd love it, Wyn!

I've found the Dooney brand at department stores mostly, like Nordstrom and Macy's. And they have their website (dooney.com). In Canada, I'm not so sure. But I'd check out a better department store first.

Little Fish said...


Yvett said...

Yes I saw it. Yes I love it. I. Want. Some. (notice I said "some" and not "one".)

I get the Dooney torture emails with all their new goodies that make me drool. : D