Our painter came over last weekend and completed some of the painting. We divided the project in half and now the bedrooms, bathrooms, and hallway are done. A couple of touch-ups are needed, but it's done enough to start moving our stuff back in. Pictures are forthcoming, but we're [still] in the process of putting the rooms back together.

On a sad note, the new paint has revealed that we need to eventually replace our molding as previous paint projects are evident. Some of the old white paint ended up on the molding in places. And we have wood molding. With the new colors, it's now quite evident. Is there another way to fix this? I'll go to the hardware store to see if there's any quick fixes, but Hubby eluded to wanting to replace it anyway. A homeowner's project list never ends!

When we're done with the bedrooms, we'll start to tackle the rest of the house - Living/Dining Room and Kitchen. This should be easier as there is less furniture to deal with and more space to work in. The painter also said it will be easier to actually paint as the walls are larger.

It's so exciting to see the progress that is taking shape. And this has also given us another opportunity to go through our stuff and purge unnecessary or broken items.

Tonight, we'll continue working on putting things back in place. Switchplates and outlet covers are still getting put back. I need to buy new shower curtain rods and a shower caddy. Pictures need to be re-hung. And bare spots in walls are calling my attention.

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