When we first moved into our house 8 years ago (April 2001), one of the first things we did was painting the interior a white gloss. The walls were all different colors and needing a fresh coat of paint.

Now that we have been living in the house, we've got the itch to paint the interior again. Some places need it more than others, like high traffic front entrance and hallway. White was nice and clean, but it was hard to maintain. With a dog that attracts dirt like a magnet, the white walls didn't stay that way.

But what colors to choose? Have you been paint shopping before? So many colors. Such little squares. What colors go with what? Will they work in my house, with my decor?

We need help.

And good thing we know someone who is an interior decorator. And she's coming by on Thursday. I am very excited.

Not that I'm all too thrilled about the work of painting, but it's something that we would like to tackle before the end of Summer (and dry weather where we can open windows to vent paint smells). And after we paint, we're going to shampoo the carpets (much needed).

Now onward to the land of colors.

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Grace Matthews said...

I totally get what you are saying...I painted my kitchen a couple of months ago and it is quite a decision. I went to the Behr website. If you pick your colors it will let you look at room painted in that color so you can see what it will look like.

Good Luck. Let Me know how you make out.