Hubby and I went shopping the other day. It's a rare occasion for both of us to go shopping, but we went shopping for him (a rare occasion also) as he needed some clothes for work.

His favorites work boots aren't actually traditional work boots (they're not steel toe, but he doesn't really need them to be for his job), but these Ecco Track II's. He has several pairs of them and they were all purchased at Nordstrom. So, we naturally went there to pick up a new pair. (Yes, they may be cheaper elsewhere, but on the occasion that it needs repair, they'll do it for free. And the seams sometimes come undone. Despite this, Hubby still loves them.)

He decided to get two pairs of them since he's not a fan of shopping and the two pairs will last him a year or so. Not the cheapest pairs of shoes, but he wears them almost everyday so I don't complain too much. What surprised me most was that he was lured into signing up for a Nordstrom card. All these years, I have resisted getting the card. My reasoning was that I didn't really need it, but Hubby signs up right away. *shakes head* $20 gift certificate for signing up? He's all over it!

At the current moment, the card and account are in his name. So, I can't do too much damage. Not that I was planning on it... But Anniversary Sale *is* coming up in a couple of weeks...

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Lys said...

I've said that after the move and after I'm done repairing all the damage H. did to my credit 7 years ago, then Nordstrom and I will chat - that's the only store card that I will ever want.