I've recently discovered another food item: Izze Sparkling Juices.

I was looking for a non-caffeinated, non-soda drink. One can only drink so much Sprite anyway. So while perusing the drink aisle, I saw the Izze drinks among its brethren, the seltzers. I had seen them before in Starbucks stores, but didn't feel compelled to purchase there since I was there for coffee. But on a hot summer day, this seemed to be a perfect choice.

I have tried a handful of flavors, which all start with "Sparkling" - Grapefruit, Blackberry, Clementine, Apple (this one their fortified line) - and have enjoyed them all. I'd like to try them all and I probably will, if they're available at my supermarket.

What I find is so great about these drinks is that they're mostly juice, no sugar added, and not overly sweet. I wouldn't say they're health drinks, but it's better than most available options.


marisol said...

I've been curious about these drinks but never tried them. Maybe I will next time I see them. Sounds like something that I would like.

..::Paulina::.. said...

I enjoy these drinks too! Did you know they sell them at Costco?

Yvett said...

We bought some of those "for the kids". Yeah. Right.