I finally made it to the Nordy's Anniversary Sale and only purchased a handful of items.

I know, shocking, but I did not buy any clothes, shoes, coats, or handbags (though tempted). I think Hubby would be upset were I to give in to all my buying whims.

Philosophy Purity Cleanser

Philosophy Unconditional Love Set

Kate Spade Sunglasses in Tortoise (the bottom pair)

Philosophy Kiss Me Red w/ SPF

And before I got my shop on, I had a nice dinner at Nordstrom Cafe. A lot of people don't know that there are restaurants in some Nordstrom stores, and they're actually quite good. It's like a hidden gem. Are the mall restaurants crazy busy? The Nordy's Restaurant probably is not, but not because they're not good, it's because they're not well known depending on where you go. I was at the Southcenter Nordstrom, and I've never seen the restaurant byond half capacity. But have seen it busy at other locations, like Downtown Seattle and Bellevue. All I'm saying, is check it out if you get hungry while you shop.


Lesli said...

Sometimes I like to eat breakfast at Nordstrom Cafe! And you are right-they are never crowded. But food is good and the service is super friendly. I have been to the Nordstrom sale two times so far. Probably be going back this weekend. The first day was crazy-wacky-insane with so many people. I could only stay long enough to grab a few items from the Juniors department--some cute cardigans and a really cute, comfy purple top.

Little Fish said...

Ah, I love a good sale!

marisol said...

Cuuute! I avoided the sale as I over spent in June.

Auburn Kat said...

You love your Philosophy products=)