Related to yesterday's post, sort of.

After buying Hubby's boots, he had to use the restroom. This left me some time alone to peruse my favorite section - purses!

Surprisingly, lots of Coach and Dooney on sale! Of course, it's the trendy stuff that I usually don't care for.

Hubby found me as I was looking at Coach's Madison Sabrina bag. It comes in two sizes, medium and large. I was looking at the medium one and he asked how much it was ($358). Then he says I should probably get the large one since I carry so much stuff (it's $498). So matter of fact, he is.

This is all hypothetical, however, and I wasn't planning on buying anything, let alone an expensive bag. But, I thought it was cute of him.

In all honesty, I haven't been up to much shopping or even browsing as of late. Hubby's had to take a demotion (read: pay cut) at work, which we hope is temporary, but is affecting our household budget. He's been putting some of his check towards savings, but we had to end that to maintain our cash flow. He optimistic that things will turn around. He says he would have plenty of work, but a lot of companies are putting projects on hold for the time being. At my job, we're actually doing pretty well, considering we're in the restaurant business. People are still going out to eat, we're still getting a steady flow of tourists, and it doesn't hurt to get a little exposure on the Travel Channel. I think the recession hit the Seattle area last, but we are still feeling it unfortunately.

We are just thankful that we're actually financially pretty good. We could do better (always can do better). Currently our two debts right now are our mortgage and my car. We're working on getting both paid off early. The house is on a bi-weekly payment plan with additional amounts going to principal. And I've rounded my car payment up. We're contributing at least 10% of our income to our 401K's, we're on track to make the full allowable contribution to our Roth IRA's this year ($5000 each), I have a personal Emergency Fund fully funded, and we're on our way to funding our Main Emergency Fund.

After mentioning that all I really wanted was a new pair of sunglasses, he said it was ok. I'm hoping that some will go on sale at Nordy's Anniversary Sale. I need some Purity cleanser, too! But, I'll resist the purses...I think.

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wyn said...

Nice bag! Would they have the model at the outlet store? If it's new, I guess it wouldn't have the crazy 40 or 50% off sale. And when I was there two weeks ago, there was also a use-that-day 20% coupon.

I got a wristlet because I'm generally afraid (too immature) to carry a big leather bag. :P