It's official. Seattle broke an all-time record for hottest day - 103 degrees. And that was at the airport. Out where I live and other places nearby, the temps were even higher. Yikes!

People in other parts of the country scoff at us Northwesterners because we're complaining mightily. But there's proof that we ARE taking it harder than people who live in hotter climates. As I've mentioned before, our house has a heat pump and therefore we're able to keep our house cool. So, I'm not complaining much, except for the fact that we don't feel like ever *leaving* the house. It also helps that my office and car and train ride are air conditioned as well. At this rate, I'll never get acclimated to the heat.

But this is temporary, hopefully, and regular temps will return. But this current heat wave is quite unusual for the area, as prolonged hot days are not normal. Yes, we've had 90 degree days before, but they're usually followed fairly quickly by cooler weather.

Kenai's been handling the heat pretty well, pretty much by staying inside and laying down right on top of the vent where the cold air comes out. And it's a metal grate, so he licks it too. I guess that helps him cool off. For a Siberian Husky, he's definitely not made for this weather. Though, we're assured that his thick coat works to keep heat out as well. He wants to go outside, but once he does, he finds it uncomfortable and wants to come right back inside.

So far so good. We're trying to keep a positive attitude about the whole heat thing, but will be grateful when normal temps return.


emigre said...

It's not humid right? Hot & humid is the worst. At least one can dress down when it's this bad, good excuse to wear nothing but summer dresses!

Michelle said...

Humidity is not so bad. We have a bit of humidity in this area, but it was getting so hot that even that moisture was getting dried out! Thank goodness the worst is over for now.

Yvett said...

I feel for you. It's tough when you're not used to the heat. It's like me in the cold; I cry. Really, it's not a figure of speech. I've cried in like 30 degrees because I can't handle it.

Aww, your poor doggie. Hang in there. {{sending you cool thoughs}}

Michelle said...

Yeah, we survived just fine. It's now cloudy and not supposed to hit above 70. It's been refreshing.

I think it's easier to handle cold, because you can always pile on more clothes or turn up the heat. With heat, you can only get so naked...