I've mentioned before that when it comes to hair, I'm not very good at styling it. My styling repertoire is fairly limited - ponytail, air-dried wavy, and dried straight. If it's too difficult or involves bobby pins, I can't do it.

I heard about the Bumpits and was intrigued. I love the lifted look, but my hair doesn't really hold it for more than a few minutes.

So I bought a small set from Drugstore.com. The one on TV has more pieces.

I figured if I don't like it, it wasn't a big investment and I could probably give it away to someone else.

If it works, I'll let you know! They should arrive next week sometime. Big hair, here I come!


Little Fish said...

I need a full report!

wyn said...

Intrigued, too. I don't want a full set either. The Bumpits commercial I saw recently followed an infomercial so I was leary. Looking forward to your report!

Lesli said...

Yes, let us know--I can't wait! It seems like something I would want to try, but then it does seem kinda info-mercial-ish! So I haven't given in .... yet. I will trust your opinion.

marisol said...

Definitely let us know!