I was perusing the new items from Philosophy, and frankly I hadn't done this in a while. But I really like what I see.

I Think You are Wonderful Gift Set: What a great "just because" gift that could really brighten up someone's day. And the delicious fruity scents, oh my!

Beach Party set in a pina colada scent! Lip shine, shower gel, and body lotion. All you need!

Although, not really *new*, but I have not talked about it-
Unconditional Love Perfume. I had a chance to sample this perfume, and to be perfectly honest, it smelled really familiar. It has the same blackberry vanilla notes of their Falling in Love fragrance, but it also had something else....I'm thinking a hint of citrus/lemon, like in their Philosophy the Fragrance (which I didn't really care for). I do like it, however, except I just don't need any more perfumes - just ask Hubby! The scent is also used in their firming body lotion, which I adore, though less for its firming properties and more for its moisturizing properties.

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Anonymous said...

That first gift set is adorable...I must buy!