It was one of those fabulous weekends. It was sunny and gorgeous. We had friends over for a bbq - one of those impromptu affairs planned at the last minute. We set up our outdoor patio set and basked in the warmth of the evening. It felt like Summer! I can't believe it's still Spring!

Something about the warm weather made me want to prepare cold dishes. So I tried out some new recipes and they were a hit.

Our new favorite potato salad recipe (which is much like my mother-in-law's recipe) is the one by Tyler Florence. Though we did make some modifications: took out the capers because Hubs doesn't like em, peeled and cut the potatoes into chunks before cooking, cut them up into smaller cubes later (after cooking them off in the freezer), used an egg slicer to cut into smaller pieces, and used dried dill instead of fresh (because that's what we had), and leaving out the olive oil.

I also tried out this coleslaw recipe in Real Simple. My modifications were using all green cabbage and leaving out the basil. The simple dressing consisted of just mayonnaise, cider vinegar, salt & pepper, and it was fantastic.

We're also thinking of a late-Summer camping trip. I'm lobbying for Sol Duc Hot Springs, mostly because they have cabins. Hubby says if we're to go tent camping again, we're getting another air mattress. He complains that he just can't sleep on the ground anymore, since that is what happens when we share one air mattress. I get to sleep on air, he pushes his side down to the ground. But Sol Duc is a place that I hadn't been to in years, so I'd really like to get back with a new adult perspective. It beats camping on our own yard...

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wyn said...

I like how that potato salad recipe doesn't call for celery. Hate that surprised crunch :P

Glad you enjoyed the weekend. I nervously checked the weather forecast for the upcoming week and it looks good, too! Will be taking advantage of gorgeous afternoons for, say, afterwork drinks because the weekends aren't long enough!