Sorry, Dear Readers, I have slacked as of late on the blogging. I suppose I'm in such a relaxed state, with all this beautiful sunshine and spending all this time with Hubby.

Today might be the last day he's on the jury, so our weekday lunches together will be coming to an end. As an update, this week we checked out Trattoria Mitchelli's and Jimmy John's Sandwiches. Mitchelli's was decent, but we thought a tad overpriced for a lunch meal. I had a nice chopped salad - salami, chicken, white beans, etc - and Hubby had a stuffed pasta with a marsala sauce. Not sure if we'll go back for lunch again. Jimmy John's is a place that Hubby has been to before, but I have yet to try it. It's a small franchise that is slowly growing in Washington State. We shared a giant club, the Beach Club (turkey, sprouts, avocado spread, provolone) and along with an iced tea and potato chips, it filled both of us for a little over $10.

We even had enough time leftover for me to show Hubby where Salumi is. It was quite evident with the line out the door. But our wanderings led us past Waterfall Garden Park, a hidden little gem in the city, which is also the birthplace of UPS. There were office people enjoying their lunch along with a crowd of school kids eating and playing.

While on the subject of restaurants, we finally got a chance to eat at the new Sonic Drive-In. I had a long-craved-for strawberry limeade, along with a chicken toaster and tots. It was fantastic. A month after its opening, and it's still drawing large crowds. We parked the car and ordered from one of the many picnic tables. The sun was out, people were friendly, and it was awesome!

That's all for now. It's going to be sunny for the next few days, and it's going to be amazing.

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wyn said...

The awesome weather forecast for this weekend and beyond has me nervous about the weather - haha. With nothing but balls of sun in the forecast, it can only get worse. I know, I'm weird to think that.

Did you really post less? I hadn't noticed - prob because you also supplement your presence with Twitter updates or something :)