As promised, here are some pics from our tugboat ride during the Seattle Maritime Festival last weekend.

The tugboat shown on the left is Crowley's racing tug, the Hunter. It's the "Fastest Tug in the Puget Sound" and won their heat in the races this year. In the background are Seattle's two sports stadiums - Qwest Field (left) and Safeco Field (right). There were a lot of other boats in Elliott Bay, including the regular ferries (which you can see the nose of on the very right)

We got to ride on the Protector. I don't have many pictures of it since I didn't think to take one before we got on it.

This tug is the Tioga, which we watched do a demonstration of its turning capabilities. It pretty much spun in place. These boats are crazy agile!

We had to avoid getting misted from the spray off these water nozzles. They can spray pretty far!

This is Hubby and I before setting sail. Good thing we were all bundled up. Despite the beautiful weather, it was not *that* warm and it was quite breezy.


Little Fish said...

So pretty... I have to get myself to Seattle

Auburn Kat said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I really need to get to Seattle too!