Hubby has had the pleasure of serving jury duty for 2 days this week. He ended up getting chosen for a trial and it's expected to end by Thursday next week.

Because he's serving the county court, he has to come Downtown where the court is located. This means we get to ride the train together, have breakfast together, and have lunch together. With the exception of vacation, this is the most time we have spent together during the workweek.

It's given us opportunities to try out new places and show each other places that we know. It's only been two days so far, but I have already eaten at two places that I hadn't before - Cafe Paloma and Planet Java Diner.

Hubby knew about Planet Java since it's one of the preferred places to eat if he has jobs in the area. It's amazing that I had never heard of the place. It's not a strange location, but it's really hard to see it if you're not looking for it. It's a typical diner with typical diner food, with some items are with a twist. The decor is a little crazy, and there are clocks EVERYWHERE. About the food, we went there for lunch and breakfast (the next day). What impressed me most was that the food was real, fresh, simple, and delicious. The prices were reasonable to boot. For lunch, I had a mushroom philly with pasta salad. The salad wasn't anything special, but the sandwich was amazingly good. For breakfast, I had a 'Diner Scramble' - eggs, onion, mushroom, feta cheese - served with toast and hashbrowns. I'm all about the mixing of eggs and things and this was really good, the feta was a great touch.

For our lunch the second day, I took Hubby to Cafe Paloma. I had walked by this place several times, usually from work to the train station. I've never been able to go in. It's just a tad too far from work to have lunch, but with Hubby in town, I made an exception. It's a menu of basic Mediterranean cuisine and it's right up my alley. It was really difficult to decide on what to choose because everything sounded amazing. I ended up ordering the prosciutto panini, which is served with a side salad simply dressed with vinaigrette. The panini was amazing. In addition to the prosciutto, it had fresh mozzarealla, basil, tomato and pesto spread. It was a perfect lunch, and I only ate half the sandwich! They also bake their own baklava, which was very tempting to order but we were too full.

Next week, we're discussing options on where to meet next for lunch. It's been a lot of fun having lunch with Hubby and trying out new places. It makes the day go by so much faster. And Hubby says that the jurors are not allowed to discuss the case until deliberations, so restaurants is a common topic. Someone mentioned Salumi, and while I knew this was a great place and had even bought a sampler plate before, he wants to check out their sandwiches. And while I had take out from Mitchelli's, I had never eaten on premises. So it's another place we want to try as well.

This is getting a tad expensive, so we're deciding that having breakfast together every morning is not necessary. And perhaps I need to not buy much for a while.


wyn said...

Yeah, it's great to see you take advantage of "working" close by. I started working in the same area as NPY but we haven't met up once yet in 2 months. :P

Amber said...

Sounds like fun! I love trying out new places, Des Moines is finally growing so a lot more little places are popping up! I loooooove philly sandwiches, especially chicken philly's!

Auburn Kat said...

That sounds like a lot of fun!