I just completed the last steps of my car accident settlement. You might remember it. I mentioned it here. In short, I was rear-ended while waiting at a red light. It wasn't my fault. I ended up getting a brand new car (which I love, by the way) and a brand new monthly car payment!

What I didn't mention before was that I did end up going to the doctor to make sure I was OK, at the insistence of my family and friends. I got a bunch of massages which helped a great deal. And before you get all jealous on me, these treatment massages aren't as relaxing as you'd think. They can be quite painful!

So, I just picked up my settlement check and that is the end of that saga. I hope to never be involved in a car accident ever again. I wasn't permanently injured, but this was a major pain in the ass to deal with. Doctors visits. Time off work. A million phone calls. Mountains of paperwork. Insurance companies. It's a lot to handle! I do have to say, though, that the claims adjuster was really great. Very friendly and patient with all my questions.

Since my medical bills are all taken care of by the insurance company, the settlement money is for me to spend how I wish. It's not huge (say, enough to pay off my car) but it's something. Hubby says I should put it towards that diamond bracelet I've always wanted. I laugh at that, because it's so unlike him to suggest that. But, right now I just can't bring myself to drop a chunk of cash on something so frivolous (especially when regional chain jewelry stores are dropping like flies in the current economy - another post for another day...)

No! Instead, I'm going to do the boring, responsible thing. I put it towards my personal Emergency Fund and I have reached my goal of $3000. Resolution #3 half-done! (I'm gonna have to think of some new resolutions for this year...Investing perhaps?) The rest will go towards our Joint Emergency Fund (Goal $10,000).

So, two things taken care of, even though it's boring. Boring is good.


Jenny Georgio-who said...

If you want to avoid car accident hassels you should just move to Quebec. We have free health care AND no fault insurance. No dealing with the other person's insurance company. You get into an accident, you call your insurance company, they have an adjuster call you, you get your car repaired, they mail the check to you, you give to the auto repair shop...end of story.

Oh it makes it quicker if you have a police report to see whose fault it was but its not required!

Glad to hear you are doing well (new reader) but I would have put the money towards jewels or maybe a vacation!

Michelle said...

Welcome new reader, Jenny!

I knew about the free medical insurance in Canada, but I didn't know about the no-fault auto insurance. You still have to pay for auto insurance, right?

I didn't mean to be overly bitchy about the process, but it was a lot of paperwork (good thing I'm good at organization).

Even though it was clearly the other driver's fault, and he was VERY apologetic, I did have a police report as well. I didn't get any hassles whatsoever from his insurance company. They actually called me first!

We just got back from a vacation not too long ago, but future funds will be saved for our next vacay (whenever it may be).

Auburn Kat said...

I've had some back massages and they can be extremely sore especially because my back is always so tight!

Lys said...

Wow - you have been busy! *hugz* Glad to hear the therapy worked out, the settlement check was received, the new car makes ya happy and you hit a goal :)

BTW - yes, I spaced on sending that thing out. I found it at my desk under a stack of paperwork. Can ya tell I've had my head spinning :) Sending it out tomorrow!