Now that my finances aren't so tight, I've been able to cross some things off my shopping list. And here you thought that I've been shopping a whole bunch already...

On my quest to find a nice looking backpack, I realized that there aren't that many out that that don't have the usual backpack look. What I had in my mind was a backpack with a messenger bag flap style. Yes, there were some of these out there, but the prices were more than I was willing to spend. I was also thinking I wanted a nicer looking leather. Something about it makes it more business-like, since I'd be carrying it during my workweek. Then I thought about it, and leather wouldn't be a very wise choice in my wet climate.

I looked at my other fellow train commuters and many of them had the standard nylon backpacks. I saw a lot of the Swiss brand bags, as well as North Face. While I love the look of the messenger bag, I don't like how the weight is not balanced and there's a heavy thing bouncing on your side with every step. So, nylon backpack it is. But I still craved simplicity, and I found it, in this Kenneth Cole Reaction backpack "Run with the Pack". It has all the space I need, lots of pockets, nicely designed shoulder straps, and padding in the back. It's designed to hold a small laptop, but I don't need to carry a laptop so the laptop compartment could very well be used to hold my work shoes!

In this photo, it appears that it's been stuffed to the gills in packing. In real life, it doesn't look as puffy. For my purposes, it's going to work just fine.

I also got the silver purse I needed for my wedding outfit. I went back to Macy's to get the one that I saw earlier, but then I saw another one that I liked better. It was the same brand and with the same metal mesh, but a tad larger. For some reason, I cannot find the same bag anywhere on the web. I'll have to get a pic to you later. Needless to say, however, it's really cute and goes well with the disco vibe of my silver shoes.

I also got a much needed sports bra. No need to show an image here since it's not exactly anything great to look at. Here's a link if you're interested. It's made my Wacoal and it's nice since it's actually designed like a regular bra, but with better construction and nice features that make it better to wear for working out. I don't plan on running in it, which is good, since it doesn't appear to be designed for that. I got mine at Macy's, where I had a coupon.

I also got a much wanted wireless adapter for the Xbox. I know, not very exciting, but it's been on my "to buy" list for so long that when I saw it on Amazon for $15 less than its usual price, I had to grab it.


Hubby has approved the go ahead for purchasing of a new hamper as mentioned in a previous post. I will acquire a new hamper shortly. Very excited about this new development.

Still on the lookout for new sunglasses. There were a bunch of designer ones on sale at Nordy's Rack the other day, but couldn't find a pair that I loved. Did see a great pair of Kate Spade oversized sunglasses at, of all places, Costco that were a steal at $65. Hubby says I don't need them. Technically, I don't. Because I just take awesome care of them and haven't dropped them in a lake (or two...he's lost two pairs of expensive sunglasses this way in Lake Washington and Lake Chelan).

Oh, an update on my credit card conundrum. I decided to apply for the Wells Fargo Home Rebate card. I was accepted with a credit limit of $7000. It's plenty for our needs as we rarely chrage it up that high or even come close to it. We'll keep our current Alaska Airlines Visa to pay for one of our larger automatic payments. This will keep the mileage plan active while still accumulating some miles. That card also has a much larger credit limit, which we don't need, but it's nice to have available in case of emergency. (We no longer have access to our Home Equity Line of Credit since we paid it off and closed the account. We're currently building our emergency fund but not near where we want to be right now.) What's neat about our new card (besides the reward that pays towards the principal of our mortgage), is that it has the Paywave technology where you don't have to swipe but merely wave your card by the card readers that also have the technology. I haven't encountered any of these readers yet, so cannot say how cool it is. Apparently, the technology isn't perceived as being valuable enough yet for merchants to use.

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