So yesterday I was excited to get to my first Pilates class.

Turns out, I also had to do some pre-gym errands - gas up my car and drop off/pick up at the library. Even though both are on the way to gym, I ended up getting to the gym too late for the class. (I still had to change into my gym clothes). So, it'll just have to wait until next week. But Hubby and I did our regular workout instead.

Other items of note:

Thanks for your input on the antiperspirant topic. I'm going to do some more research - review reading - and then decide what to do next. I am particularly intrigued by Secret's Flawless & Scent Expressions lines. So many different scents!!! But it appears that a true "invisible" product does not exist. So, at this point, the best I can do is to minimize clothing damage. I remember way back when during my cheerleading stint in junior high, I went through the gamut of clear deodorants. Back then, even though clear, they still left stuff on our clothes. And I have the Gal Pal, just in case.


One of our financial goals was accomplished recently. It was 2008's resolution to contribute more to Hubby's IRA. Well, that didn't really happen. We contributed our regular amount. Well this year, our financial situation is amazingly pretty good. My regular readers will know that this year we paid off my student loan, refinanced the house to an amazing 4.75% rate - and "fixing" our HELOC in the process, and are currently not carrying any credit card debt. Even though we have taken on a new car loan (unplanned, thanks to being rear-ended which totaled my old car), some of our cash flow has been freed up.

With IRA's (both traditional and Roth), you can keep contributing to the prior year before April 15th of the following year. So, we were able to contribute the maximum amount in Hubby's IRA for 2008. And because we have the Roth, we don't have to go back and amend our 2008 tax return (with traditional, you will have to in order to receive the tax benefit). For 2009, we are on track to contribute more to Hubby's IRA and maximize my own IRA.

Hubby wasn't so gung-ho about putting more of our cash into the IRA as opposed to savings, until he learned that another benefit of the Roth IRA is that you can pull out your contributions at any time without penalty. It's the gains that you cannot touch, which right now are non-existent. But we're optimists!! And we have TIME!

But I'm not saying we're not putting anything into savings. We are, and have doubled that amount. So saving all around!

And I've slowed my phase of buying stuff. I got it out of my system, and the only things I have been buying lately have been related to the house, groceries, & gas. As much as I'd like to upgrade our cell plan to one with text messaging or buy that diamond bracelet that Hubby picked out for me, it's not necessary or needed right now. We have bigger things to save for, like emergencies.


Looking for a way to carry around iPod while working out. Hubby suggests pants with pockets. Or shorts with pockets. None of my workout pants have pockets! I think the armband is the way to go.


We've been using Dinner's Ready for a couple of months now. I have to say that we've both enjoyed their menu items, though would like to see more fish and seafood. I hope our local franchise makes it during this tough time. We'll keep on supporting them with our business. The premade meals have been saving me during the week. With the new workout schedule, it has reduced my time even more.

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