To get Coca-Cola with REAL sugar - CANE SUGAR - and not that high fructose corn syrup, you have to get it from Mexico.

They sell it in Costco, but it's twice the price. It does, albeit, come in the traditional glass bottles.

Go figure...!

I'm a Coca-Cola gal myself, much to the chagrin of my employers who have family roots in Pepsi. I CAN tell the difference between US & Mexican Coke, but mostly it's a texture thing. When will US Coke figure out that people want cane sugar?! Ugh!

But for the Pepsi folk, I spied Pepsi Natural while I was at Costco. Didn't take a closeup look, but it would appear that this is a cane sugar version of Pepsi.


Ginger said...

I checked our lablels and here in Canada our sweetener is listed as plain old sugar... no HFCS here!

Makes me wonder if our Coke tastes different from the US Coke!

Michelle said...

That's great! We go up to Canada once a year and I'll have to check out the Canadian Coke.

On a related note, Canadian Mike's Hard Lemonade has VODKA in it where as US version is malt liquor.

On another related note, a Canadian friend alerted us that there is no Cherry Coke in Canada and would like us to bring some next time we go up.

marisol said...

I think that the Mexican coke is way too sweet. But I drink diet coke (or at least I used to) so even US coke is too sweet for me.

And I can also tell the difference between Coke & Pepsi