I'm in search of a small evening bag in the shade of silver. Again, to go with my blue dress for when I wear my silver disco shoes.

Don't want to spend too much though, since my evening bags don't get much use. I have a black velvet clutch that could work, but I'd really want something more light in color, hence the silver.

This Elaine Sequin clutch is completely adorable, however, a bit more than I'd like to spend.

I saw a silver one that looks straight out of the 70's at Macy's for $22. I should have grabbed it at the time, but at that point I hadn't even purchased the dress, let alone decide what shoes to wear with it. I suppose I could go back. It's not on their website, but it looks like an oversized version of this coin purse, only with a small chain handle. Love that metal mesh!

Only a couple weeks before wedding #1....and seeing Hubs in a tux! Momentous occasions, people!


Kristin said...

Here are a couple that are around $25.00. : )



Auburn Kat said...

Ann Taylor Loft has a couple of cute ones that someday will be on sale if they aren't already.

marisol said...

Check out Etsy. You can get a very original looking clutch.