I have to take credit for getting the ball rolling, but little did I know the ball would roll so far.

I wanted the Wii Fit. I got the Wii Fit. I used it and having fun with it. Admittedly, haven't lost much weight. But I can feel a difference. The exercises are getting easier and I'm not as sore the next day. I am even considering getting weighted bands to increase the impact of the exercises.

We also have a gym membership. We've been members at our local gym ever since it opened in 2005. It's a really nice gym. Very clean with good equipment and nice locker room.

We haven't been in months. Perhaps even a whole year.

But we've kept on paying our dues every month. They come out of our account automatically.

After months of Hubby saying, "I need to get back to the gym", we finally went back to the gym. I talked about this earlier this week, but a new development occurred yesterday.

I came home on time, which I hadn't been due to my love of sleeping in and getting to work later. Hubby was surprised to see me home and was like, "Let's go to the gym.". I was like, we went yesterday, I wasn't planning on going today. I have, like, dinner to cook. But he wasn't having any of it. He announced that we would be going to the gym every day. EVERY DAY. And he said this like he had already told it to me, but he didn't.

He thought I was bailing on him. Whatever. It was pouring down rain and all I wanted to do was eat and veg. But that was not an option. But I convinced him to do a Wii workout and he conceded. He's not as active on the Wii Fit as I am. The Wii Fit keeps telling me it hasn't seen him in quite and asks if I noticed any changes in him. Kinda funny. But the Hubs isn't into yoga and hasn't done any of the yoga or strength exercises. Whatever.

So the new plan is "Gym Every Day". I think it's a little overboard, but also, it's quite necessary. Getting into a habit requires repetition. And it's what we need, unfortunately. *sigh* I'm not sure if the weekends are going to be included in this everyday workout thing, but I guess I'll find out tomorrow. As for today, we're going to the gym after work.

And then we're going to get Thai food.

No Happy Hour for me...


Lys said...

Its the little changes that help.

Little Fish said...

Arggggh! I'm so jealous of your Wii Fit!!

Auburn Kat said...

I have a Wii fit and haven't used it in ages. It's a lot of fun though!

I usually try to go to the gym at least three times a week and go for a couple of walks a week. It's made a huge difference!

marisol said...

Every little step helps for sure.