This rare sunny weekend had afforded us many luxuries...

Quiet contemplation while basking in the sun's warmth.

Much needed pedicure.

The wearing of flip-flops.

And working in the garden.

Hubby had some neighbor kids working on mowing and edging the lawn and pulling weeds out of my planting strip (hallelujah!). I put a little effort in getting my container garden ready.

I straightened up my large pots and added new potting soil. I have two large pots and one medium sized pot. In one of the large pots, I will be planting salad - butter lettuce, romaine lettuce, Mesclun mix, and green onions (aka scallions). In the other large pot, I will grow a tomato plant and some basil. In the medium pot, I'll plant strawberries (Hubby's request). I have already purchased the salad seeds, but haven't planted. I'm going to hold off planting until May, where hopefully I'll source some starts for the tomatoes, strawberries, and basil. May is also considered a "safe" time to plant as the threat of frost is usually gone.

I'm also thinking about what plants to buy for my planting strips in the front and back. This winter was quite harsh and killed off four of my euonymous plants, one euporbia, and my four New Zealand flax plants. For the flax, they look dead, but I cut them all the way back to see if there's some life left in them. I think I'm going to plant the euonymous plants again in the front, because they are inexpensive, provide great color (green & yellow), and are easy to maintain. For the back, I'll have to do some more research. I think I will need more hardy evergreen plants - despite the great soil, it's hard for the plants to survive the dogs. My dwarf pines and balsam pines have held up well over the winter and with repeated markings from the dogs.

Even though we've gotten of to a great start with the yard, it feels there's so much left to do. It's getting easier though as the landscaping takes shape. The goal is to have a yard that only needs mowing, watering, the occasional fertilizer and the occasional edging. This may or may not be attainable, but we'll try. As much as I enjoy looking at a tidy garden and lawn, it's not my most favorite thing to do.

I'll try to post some pictures as it progresses. Right now the planting strips look pretty sparse since the dead plants were removed. There are two lonely daffodils in bloom. My Japanese maple is budding and will soon get leafy, but right now looks really naked. The ground needs to be covered with beauty bark...again.

And the list goes on and on...ugh!


Amber said...

That sounds awesome! I wish I had a green thumb... I honestly would not know where to start! My dad on the other hand loves to garden, he has a vegetable garden every summer!
I wore my flip flops all weekend too! And a cute flippy skirt on Friday! Yay!

Auburn Kat said...

I love doing garden work!!! I really miss having one, thankfully I can help my dad on the wknds with his yard work. My sister and I used to fight over who got to mow the lawn when we were growing up...not what must kids fight over!

Paula said...

Oh post pics! I love gardening :)