This is week 2 of going to the gym every day.

Last week, we went every day except for Tuesday. On Tuesday, I had a facial (which was scheduled before Hubby declared "Gym Every Day" initiative.)

Despite the fact that yesterday afternoon as gorgeous and Hubby mowed the backyard, he insisted we still get ourselves to the gym. I did drive to work so enjoyed driving with my sunroof open and taking the back roads.

So, yes, we went to the gym and worked out for an hour. We watched the Mariners win their game on the tv's in the elliptical machine. We were the only ones tuned into the game and when we cheered, we got some strange looks. There weren't all that many people there except for the people showing up for the gym's new "Heated Yoga" class. I like yoga and all, but doing it in a sauna is not my idea of a good time.

Tonight we're going back to the gym. But tonight is Pilates class night. I've never done the class here and my only experience with Pilates is a class at my old gym that was called "Pi-Yo", a Pilates/Yoga blend. I'm a little anxious. Hubby has refrained from joining me, but has expressed interest in attending their Sunday morning Yoga class.

So, it'll be a first for me. And I hope I like it, because I would really like to add it to my exercise regimine. I have a mat, I gotta get to using it!

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marisol said...

Cool that you have a gym buddy. That is all the motivation you need sometimes, you know.