So, good news on the work front. I learned on Friday that I was going to get my yearly bonus and the amount. Yesterday, I received my bonus check.

I had said earlier that if I got a bonus, I was going to splurge and buy myself these little diamond hoop earrings I saw on Amazon. At $159, I thought they were a pretty decent deal.

So, I did what I said I would do and bought the earring. Now, relating to the title of my post, it was a double score (score #1 being that I actually got a bonus). Score #2 was that when I put them in my cart and checked out, it showed a promotional credit of $48 in addition to the free (albeit slow) shipping. I couldn't figure out why they were reduced, but I'm not one to complain. I finalized my purchase before Amazon could change their mind.

As for the rest of my bonus? I did the adult responsible thing and socked it away in both our IRA's. These are now on track to be fulled funded by the end of the year including our automatic monthly investments. Squeeee! One more resolution completed! I can now focus more on building that all-important Emergency Fund. I'm on track to have my personal emergency fund goal of $3000 to be reached by the end of Summer. Concurrently, I am allocating small amounts to the Joint Emergency fund (initial goal $10,000). I haven't thought much about what to do with our money beyond that...a lot can change. Right now our jobs are stable but with everything going on, who knows?

At least for now, I can bask in a moment of luxury and sparkle. Go ME!


Yvett said...

Lucky you, that's a steal!

Amber said...

Congrats! Those earrings are gorgeous!

Paula said...

Congrats on the bonus! (especially in the current economic times). Enjoy the earrings, they are beautiful!

Lys said...

Earrings are gorg. and an extra 48 bux off - enjoy it chica!

Congrats on the bonus - like you said, you were going to get the earrings. The universe said "Well, put that extra 48 away for another day" and you did the right thing. :)