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Do they make a Hallmark card for that?

For Earth Day, here's some easy ways to go green via Lighter Footstep. Go beyond the easy with these tips from Worldwatch Institute.

One of my favorites mentioned is "Borrow instead of Buying". Remember the library? Not only is it a great way to save money, but it's a great way to reduce clutter and demand for more "stuff" to be produced. Today's libraries provide more than just books. They provide a quiet place to study, computers for internet access, rooms to have meetings, and activities for all age groups. In addition to being able to borrow books, may will lend out magazines, movies, music CD's, DVD's, and all sorts of media. Best of all it's free! And second best of all, many libraries are online, so you can peruse the collection and reserve items online. Win! The only downside is that you may have to wait for the more popular items (currently the Twilight series is quite the hot item), but if you don't mind waiting, it'll be worth it.

For Administrative Professionals Day, how do we celebrate? By going out to eat! Perhaps I'll have the lobster today?! To any fellow admin professionals out there - What do you do?


Little Fish said...

Happy Administrative Earth Day! :)

Lys said...

*LOL* @ LittleFish. Ahhh - the office here had a little "fiesta" and, with that, someone had margarita machines for us - both alcohol and virgin margs. Obviously, I channeled my inner vixen thanks to the shoes and had the non-virgin margarita - well, a couple of them ;)

wyn said...

Last year was my first (and hopefully only) year in a purely administrative role and I didn't know about this Administrative Professionals Day until long after the fact AND receiving a $50 giftcard for a nice chain restaurant. I thought I had done something really commendable! :P It was a good meal!