As I mentioned earlier, the blue ruffle dress didn't work out. Since I didn't want to send it back (and pay the shipping) and I still needed a dress, I went to Nordy's and returned it in person. I had to pick up my luggage from the repair shop anyway, and it happens to be right by the mall.

I just love Nordy's. They took the return without batting an eyelash. They just wanted to know if anything was wrong with it. There wasn't, it just didn't fit. But I really wanted it to.

So, while I was there I checked out their dresses. Even though I was there a week prior (doing some bra shopping), they had rearranged and put more merchandise out. This blue Calvin Klein number was the first dress I tried on and I really should have stopped there, because it was the one I ended up buying. I tried on dresses all over the place before coming back and picking this one up. As you can see in the picture, that the dress hits the model above the knees. I am not so tall as her, so I'm getting the dress hemmed. Basic alterations are free for full-price dresses, which takes a bit of the sting out of paying full price. And the icing on top was that they were giving away evening bags with purchase, so I got a cute little lace evening bag (and a selection to choose from). It doesn't necessarily go with the dress, but I can use it with other outfits.

While I Nordstrom, I picked up two tubes of Laura Mercier's Metallic Creme Eye Color. I gushed about her Satinee Creme Eye color, but looking firsthand at the color choices, none of them would have worked well. But the metallic cremes had some great colors. I ended up with Gold and Platinum. Though I also love Alloy and Burnished Copper. The metallics are supposed to be just a crease-resistant as the satinee. We'll see. I'm so excited about buying new makeup.

Since it's my birthday month and I have a Banana Republic Luxe card, they sent me a $15 off coupon to spend however I like. I like a good deal, so I bought a pair of earrings off the clearance rack. They're very cute and very Spring! Apparently, they're amethyst. Must not be gem-grade or something, because they would normally put amethyst in a jewelry case or something.

Macy's was having a gigantic One Day Sale. They seem to be having lots of One Day Sales and Sales of every kind lately. But it appears they're really just trying to get rid of Fall/Winter merchandise to make room for Spring/Summer. I got this Lucky t-shirt (half-off!) and two pairs of velour sweatpants for lounging around the house ($5 each!) in red and brown.

And finally... I spent my birthday money on something completely frivolous. I got myself the aquamarine ring I had my eye on for a while. For those that don't know, aquamarine is the birthstone for March. I bought it and had it sized while I was shopping elsewhere. It's $30 less than advertised on the website. I love my new ring. Here's what it looks like.

All that shopping was very tiresome. I don't really need to buy much else, but it really depends on what shoes I'll be wearing with my blue dress. I pick it up next Saturday, and I will be figuring out what other things I need in order to wear the dress. But from the looks of it, I might already have a pair of shoes to go with it.


wyn said...

Those are great earrings - super find! :)
I love the ring, too. Will you wear it daily and in addition to your other rings or just on special occasions??

Lys said...

That blue dress is GORGEOUS! Love love love it!

Michelle said...

I plan on wearing it as a regular piece. Just depending on what I'm wearing. It's not so huge that it looks overdone. I love it!