Really good!

I had received some samples of the new Via Instant Coffee from Starbucks (via mail and in stores). I had tested the Italian Roast.

I heated purified water in a mug in the microwave. Then opened the Via packet and dumped into the hot water.

Voila! Instant Coffee!

And it actually tastes like coffee. Good coffee.

I added my regular creamer and it tasted really close to fresh brewed. It pretty much blows all of the other instant coffees out of the water.

I didn't try it, but I heard that it will also work with cold water, too. Iced coffees without having to brew coffee? Sounds pretty awesome to me!

With this product, Starbucks was trying to make their product more portable, allowing one to have great coffee wherever, whenever a means to brew coffee were not available. Camping trips come to mind. But wouldn't it be great to cook with as well? I've seen a lot of recipes that call for instant espresso, but I have yet been able to find it at my local store. This would work as a great and great-tasting substitute.

Has anyone else tried Via yet? I highly recommend it.

Now they just have to come out with a decaf version and I'll be even happier. Yes, I said "happy" and "decaf" in the same sentence. Sometimes, I want coffee in the evening but can't do the caffeine. And I don't keep decaf grounds in the house b/c I rarely drink it. Instant decaf would be good to have around.


marisol said...

I haven't tried it but good to hear that it is pretty good. I will have to get a sample next time I go.

Yvett said...

"Yes, I said "happy" and "decaf" in the same sentence"


I was just shocked that instant coffee was actually good.