I got a lot done this weekend.

It had a rocky start as Kenai got out on Friday. This happened before I came home from work. Hubby says he might have left the door cracked and Kenai must have nudged it open. He's smart like that. We have long learned not to go after him, because once he's out the front door, Kenai knows he's faster and can run into people's backyards. We just wait. He will either come back home or someone will call us because he's bugging their cat. We leave our front door open in the event that he returns. But it was getting dark and cold, so we eventually closed it. I got up for some reason and saw a flash of white outside the window. I opened the front door, and sure enough Kenai had his fill of adventure and returned home...complete with muddy paws. If Kenai were a person, he'd be a trust fund frat boy: He has everything he wants, except all he wants to do is run away.

As planned, we went up skiing and snowboarding on Saturday. We had a great time. Hubby has much improved in his snowboarding and I can still ski. I didn't go at all last year and was a little worried. But I still had the skills. I would just get tired more easily. Also as predicted, it snowed the entire day we were up there. And when I went up to the summit, it was crazy windy. This was the first ski trip that I was able to test my ski jacket (I bought it a couple of years ago for my birthday - North Face Banshee Triclimate jacket). It worked out great and I didn't complain of cold at all, with the exception of my face which could not be covered completely. The hood worked out really great, as I was hesistant to get a jacket with a hood (though it is removable). My calves are especially sore (probably from walking around in ski boot), but overall my body feels good.

I also went on my planned shopping excursion and emerged victorious. There were some things I needed - basics like bras and underwear - and things I wanted to look at - floral dress from White House Black Market. I was able to accomplish both. I also found some great deals at Banana Republic. I had a gift card and only spent a little of my own money. I got this sweater in black and ivory. I also got a sweater that looks like this one, except it's not shiny, in black. It's a tad long, but I will get it altered. And the steal of the day, a great pair of black cuffed corduroy pants that actually fit for $13. I'm very excited about my purchases and I hardly spent a dime.

I am paying in other ways, however. The weekend was full of activity and now I'm pretty sleepy. Yawn.

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Lys said...

Great shopping finds!

I'm glad y'all are so calm about Kenai. If Wiggs got out - he'd be a goner. He thinks cars will stop for him.