Thanks for everyone's birthday wishes. I really appreciate you guys.

Most of the birthday celebrations took place over the weekend, so not much new to report.

We didn't really do anything last night. Hubby's still adjusting to Daylight Savings Time and was really tired. It was also getting really cold and snowing a little bit.

I did some Wii Fit instead - which remembered my birthday and wore a party hat. There was also some confetti and streamers. So fun!

I heard it somewhere else, perhaps ljc, but I have to agree: The music has a way of getting stuck in your head. I love the step aerobics and I'll be walking around and that music is in my head. Doot doot do do doot!

We're probably going to go out to dinner tonight. I'm thinking sushi.

As for gifts, the Wii Fit was a gift for myself. I also did some birthday online shopping. I got that blue ruffle dress along with those red Ecco shoes from Nordy's. And I got the Spanx Slip-Suit from Bare Necessities (all mentioned previously on this blog.) The parents gave me a really pretty marcasite necklace and some birthday money. Hubby hasn't given me a gift, but said he would give me some money to spend on diamond jewelry. I have a certain pair of earrings in mind... Even though I said no presents for my party, I did receive some gift cards for PF Chang's (yum!) and Target (handy!!).

All in all, just the low-key birthday I was hoping for. Now, on with my 30's!

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Auburn Kat said...

I never noticed before, but you are right, the music does stick in your head!